Halftime Prawn

For many guides who tie their own flies, February marks the time of year when they would rather file their taxes than tie another Pat’s Rubber Legs. For me, this pattern in my current go-to to break up the monotony of preparing for the upcoming season. It wont show up on any list of ‘guide flies’ you might come across but it sure is fun to tie and looks great in the water. If, like me, you find yourself snowed in with a full stock of your favorite beverage, take a break from those size 24 RS2s and tie a few of these for your steelhead box.


  • Shank: OPST Intruder Shank – 45mm

  • Thread: UTC 70 – Black

  • Rear Collar: STS Trilobal Salmon Dub - Fl. Hot Pink, Barred Plume - Barred Orange, Krystal Flash - Herring Back, UV2 Intruder Spey Hackle - Orange, Shlappen - FL. Fire Orange

  • Body: STS Trilobal Salmon Dub - Fl. Shell Pink

  • Front Collar: Spey Plumes - Shrimp Pink, Guinea Feathers - Orange, Arctic Fox Fur - Orange, Grizzly Barred Rubber Legs - Orange

  • Eyes: Dumbell Eyes

Jack Reis