Bonefish Mai Tai

I’ve been on a bonefish kick lately with all the frigid temps and low flows, so this week we’ll be whipping up the ever versatile Bonefish Mai Tai. This buggy, shrimpy pattern is going to be a winner in any box you bring to the Bahamas. It can be tied with light dumbells or plastic eyes for the flats or heavier, with underbody weight for drop offs. Finally, with all of the synthetic materials that are being used these days it can be easy to forget that we often sacrifice movement for durability. We can all take a page from Andrew Cummings’ book here and work on incorporating more feathers and fur into our saltwater patterns.


  • Hook: Tiemco 811S – sz. 4-6

  • Thread: UTC 140 – Fl. Shell Pink

  • Tail: Select Marabou Plumes - Tan, Krystal Flash - Pearl, Loco Legs - Tan

  • Collar: Schlappen - Tan

  • Body: Chenille - Tan, Flat Diamond Braid - Tan

  • Eyes: Real-Eyes Plus 5/32” - Gold/Chartreuse

Jack Reis