Fresh Flesh

Wednesday of this week marked a day of action for the effort to stop the Pebble Mine development permit. Outdoor brands and Anglers alike joined forces to spread the message that the Army Corps of Engineers’ Draft Environmental Impact Statement fell far short of revealing the true impacts the mine would have on the community in Bristol Bay. Every voice is critical in this fight to preserve cultural tradition, jobs, and a vital food source, so please take some time out of your day to voice your concern here. In honor of this effort, I thought we would tie up and Alaskan classic this week - the flesh fly. It’s no secret that flesh flies are some of the most exciting and productive patterns to fish for rainbow trout in ‘The Last Frontier.’ Nothing seems to temp these voracious trout quite like a juicy hunk of salmon flesh drifting aimlessly down a seam or over a drop off. This particular pattern utilizes plenty of rabbit and marabou to impart super-realistic movement, and the articulated nature of the fly only serves to improve those features that make these imitations irresistible. If you find yourself preparing for a trip to Alaska, make sure to spend an evening tying up some fresh flesh.


  • Hook: TMC 811s - sz 2-4

  • Shank: Fish-Skull Articulated Shank - 35mm

  • Thread: UTC 140 – Hot Orange

  • Rear Body: Rabbit Strip - Flesh

  • Rear Collar: Extra Select Marabou - Shrimp Pink, Flashabou - Pearl

  • Forward Body: Medium Polar Chenille - Hot Pink

  • Forward Collar: Extra Select Marabou - Tan, Rabbit Strip - Flesh, Extra Select Marabou - Shrimp Pink, Flashabou - Pearl

Jack Reis