Mantis Candy

Malaysian fly tyer, Dron Lee, is one of my favorites when it comes to creativity and color. He is well known in Southeast Asia for his innovative work at the vise, but perhaps less so in the western hemisphere. His Mantis Candy is just another in a long line of flies that use creative combinations of color and movement. As juveniles many species of Mantis Shrimp exhibit bright, colorful patterns that flats fish key in on from a considerable distance. The Mantis Candy does a superb job of imitating these juveniles, particularly in the Indo-Pacific, where Orange Spot and Peacock Mantis are abundant. For obvious reasons, I also find that it breaks up the monotony of tying shrimp to match the color of the flats you plan to fish. Triggers, Permit and Bones all respond to this fly under the right conditions. So, before you scoff at the beer-sign colorway, try a few of these on your next flats trip.


  • Hook: Daicchi 2546 – sz. 4-1/0

  • Thread: UTC 140 – Chartreuse

  • Head: Midge Flash - Black, Senyo’s Laser Yarn - White, Fl. Hot Orange, Fl. Chartreuse

  • Underbody: Suede Chenile

  • Body: Senyo’s Laser Yarn - Fl. Chartreuse, Thin Skin Fly Specks - Clear/Black, Ultra Wire - Blue

  • Legs: Round Rubber Medium - Green

  • Tail: Goose Biots - White

  • Eyes: Dumbbell Eyes, Mono Eyes - Green

Jack Reis