It’s easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to tying steelhead flies. Everyone has their superstitions about what does and doesn’t work. Unfortunately, this means we almost exclusively fish patterns that are based on the same rules. Today, we’re going to bend those rules a bit, all in the name of expanding horizons. Greg Houska is a guide, photographer, advocate for wild places, and the originator of the Kriller. Sporting dumbell eyes positioned at the rear of the shank, the Kriller rides eye-up on the swing. Mimicking the upward trajectory of a squid fleeing predators from below, this fly has been known to trigger spectacular hits from coastal salmonids. It’s time to incorporate this pattern into your box, particularly if you find yourself fishing near the ocean.


  • Shank: OPST Intruder Shank – 45mm

  • Thread: UTC 70 – White

  • Rear Collar: Senyo’s Laser Yarn - White, Ice Dub - Blue Steelie, X-Select Marabou - Fl. Blue,  EP Fibers - Sky Blue, Rhea Plume - Silver Doctor Blue, Senyo’s Laser Dub - Fl. Blue, Sili Legs - Pearl

  • Eyes: Dumbell Eyes

  • Body: Large Tinsel - Pearl, Ultra Wire - Blue, Medium D-Rib - Clear

  • Front Collar: Rabbit Strip - Blue/White, Saddle Hackle - White

Jack Reis