Marbled Sand Flea

Fishing, and fly tying, for that matter, are supposed to be fun. Given the opportunity, casting to hungry Redfish can be as much fun as anything out there. Every spring, from Louisiana to Florida, Sand Fleas form colonies in the shallows and represent an easy food source, not just for Redfish, but for Pompano, Sheepshead, and a whole host of other species. The pattern you see here is inspired by the work of Sandbar Flies, as well as Nick Vlahos. Make sure you take your time trimming this fly. As with deer hair, it's easy to take more off the top, but impossible to add more on. With a careful haircut, they look almost as attractive in the bin as they do to cruising Reds. Skip these across the bottom around Redfish or Pompano, hold on, set the hook, let out a long laugh, repeat.


  • Hook: TMC 800S – sz. 4-1/0

  • Thread: UTC 140 – Yellow

  • Head: Senyo’s Shaggy Dub - Tan, Ice Dub - Gold, Sili Legs - Sand/Orange-Black Flake

  • Legs: Ultra Chenille Standard - Tan

  • Body: McFlyfoam - Gold, EP Fibers - White

  • Eyes: Dumbbell Eyes

Jack Reis